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The Seven Plagues of Tierra del Fuego

The name “Land of Fire” doesn’t imply fragility. Named by Ferdinand Magellan for signal fires lit by alarmed Indians, Tierra del Fuego is forested by only five species of trees and populated by a relatively limited variety of wildlife. Its original inhabitants once huddled in tiny huts made of beech branches and lived entirely on seals hunted from the icy channels or mussels plucked from the shore. Only massive consumption of fat could ward off the cold. Harsh sub-polar environments like these are never the earth’s Edens.

Today fragile Tierra del Fuego is becoming a microcosm of many of the world’s environmental woes, from ozone depletion to deforestation and the impact of invasive species. Like the seven biblical plagues to be visited on the earth at the apocalypse, the island at the end of the world is struggling with a myriad of environmental problems brought on by modern man.

Funded by the Ford Environmental Journalism Fellowship, the Seven Plagues of Tierra del Fuego is a photographic journey through the region and some of its most pressing environmental problems. Click on the menu images above for each chapter, or move step by step using the arrows at the bottom of each page.

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